... And everything in between

FEB 27 / 2015 – AUG 28 / 2015

Johnna Arnold, Susanna Corcoran, Thomas Heinser, Kari Orvik, Jonathan Smith

DZINE Gallery, a new undertaking by leading contemporary furnishings showroom DZINE, is pleased to present “…And everything in between”, its inaugural group art exhibition, featuring landscape photography by five emerging and established artists: Johnna Arnold, Susanna Corcoran, Thomas Heinser, Kari Orvik and Jonathan Smith. 

Each artist brings a directed gaze and embodied participation to their approach to landscape: Johnna Arnold embeds herself, a tiny anti-Romantic figure, in every landscape in the In/Finite series. Susanna Corcoran achieves simplicity in complexity by limiting her frame to monochromatic skies with barely contrasting clouds. Thomas Heinser's Aerial series represents a minimalist's observation of the conversation between natural and human development. Kari Orvik's transcendent, precisely observed tintypes, re-printed in large-scale digital format, marry an anachronistic technique with the rush of contemporary life. And Jonathan Smith, courtesy of Alexandra Ray of Five Senses Art Consultancy, captures the perfection and perhaps misleadingly idyll of impossible locales. 

This show represents the inauguration of DZINE Gallery, which will present a new exhibition every six months. “It felt like the right time to debut the program,” says DZINE Managing Director Austin Forbord, “as well as an important time, as current sky rocketing real estate prices have led to the loss of several of San Francisco's cherished art spaces. DZINE is known for its directional approach to design — showcasing the work of leading contemporary designers like Piero Lissoni and Paola Lenti — and we’re excited to expand the vision to include the work of Bay Area visual artists and designers.” For the Gallery, DZINE is collaborating with local curator, designer and artist Miriam Dym.

A local maker will also be presented alongside the exhibition for each show. The inaugural maker is San Francisco based Larissa Sand, founder of her eponymous multidisciplinary architecture and design studio. Sand will debut Alcyone, her new collection of sculptural glass lighting fixtures.

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