Pattern Language

SEPT 18 / 2015 – MAR 18 / 2016

Martha Angus, Johnna Arnold, Elvira Dayel, Miriam Dym, Linda Horning, Katherine Jacobus, Gina Jacupke, Sharon Kyle Kuhn, Kate Mitchell, Carrie Ann Plank, Carolyn Quartermaine, Lucky Rapp, Kaveri Singh, Jessie Thatcher and Victoria Welling

DZINE Gallery’s second exhibition, curated by Philip Bewley, features the work of 15 women artists from the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and London employing a variety of media including paper cut process drawings, aquatints, hand blocked textiles, mixed media, painting, letterpress monotype, gilded glass, wool relief sculpture, photography, art couture and video art.

The title of the exhibition, “Pattern Language,” is a term that has multiple definitions found in both design practice and in theoretical computer science. The artists in this exhibition incorporate and expand on these ideas in work that encompasses patterns found in nature and human behavior; with shape, media, text and even individual letters deconstructed to create new patterns and meanings.

“Love patterns, hate repetition,” says artist Elvira M. Dayel, whose intricate and exacting panels, which she describes as “hand-cut paper process drawings,” are specially commissioned for this exhibition. “Commissioning new works from artists is an important part of our program,” shares DZINE curator Philip Bewley. “There are a number of artists in this exhibition who were already exploring original ideas in the incorporation of patterns and text in their work. The expansive spaces of the DZINE Gallery allow these artists to experiment and create new works that fulfill their own personal artistic vision.”

Among the artists showcased for this exhibition are two highly recognized and admired talents in the world of design, presenting their own original works of fine art for this exhibition: Martha Angus of San Francisco and Carolyn Quartermaine of London. Martha Angus is the principal of her own design firm, Martha Angus, Inc. Angus has designed residences for clients such as Ralph Lauren, the Lauder family, and high profile tech families in Silicon Valley. Martha studied at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and École des Arts Decoratifs et du Batiment in Grenoble prior to earning a B.F.A. in painting at Carnegie Mellon University. In New York City, she studied with portrait painter Nelson Shanks at the Art Students League. For this exhibition, Angus displays a series of aquatints she made while attending several workshops at Crown Point Press led by master printmaker Emily York. Artist and textile designer Carolyn Quartermaine divides her time between London and the south of France. She is celebrated for her design work at The Glade in London and other design projects, for her book, Carolyn Quartermaine, Unwrapped, and for curatorial work and installations such as at the Musee Fragonard in Grasse. Quartermaine has been featured in numerous publications such as Vogue Living and Elle Decoration. An interdisciplinary artist, Quartermaine presents her own original fine art photography for this exhibition. 

Joining Angus and Quartermaine is photographer Johnna Arnold, featured in DZINE’s previous exhibition, “…And Everything in Between.”  She returns to present a video installation for the opening reception. Kate Mitchell, a faux couture artist, collagist, dancer, choreographer, and the author of Fashioning Women is presenting works of fashion as art from her Terrain series. For the opening evening reception, dancers and models will be wearing Mitchell’s extraordinary creations. “I hope DZINE Gallery can be a place where fine art, design and the performing arts can intersect,” says DZINE Managing Director Austin Forbord. DZINE CEO Eve Forbord Petrucci adds, “I am thrilled we will hear from these women’s voices, and grateful for the opportunity to provide a platform for so many exceptional artists.”

The patterns of nature that can compose a visual language inspire a number of artists in the exhibition. In Sharon Kyle Kuhn’s work titled, “Planned Community,” cut tree trunks of graduated diameter project from a large panel composed of asphalt, wood and encaustic. The concentric rings exposed on the tree trunks tell the story of the tree in each consecutive year of its life. Kuhn’s composition is reminiscent of the principal of clumped dispersion observed in natural systems. Artist Kaveri Singh, who recently led more than 40 artists from around the world to complete her design for the Sacred Murals Project in Sarnath, India, has produced a work for this exhibition that explores the patterns of nature in profound and spiritual ways. Singh begins with a large clear glass panel and water-gilds it in silver leaf, creating a mirrored effect. The reverse is japanned with numerous layers of lacquer, linen wrapped and japanned again. Inspired by the natural patterns observed in lakes and ponds, Singh engraves this pattern with a quill into the silver leaf. The result is a work of technical and artistic virtuosity. The viewer examining the work will catch her reflection on the reflective surface. “These natural patterns are found throughout the universe,” Singh explains. “When we see ourselves reflected back at us amid the patterns engraved on the panel we have merged completely with these patterns and natural rhythms. With engagement and observation we discover that all things are completely interdependent.”

The other participating artists in the exhibition include Miriam Dym: hand blocked fine art textile works; Gina Jacupke and Katherine Jacobus: painting on canvas; Linda Horning: oil on panel; Carrie Ann Plank: letterpress, monotype; Lucky Rapp: Raised Text series composed in Gesso, paint, acrylic, mixol, resin on canvas; Jessie Thatcher: lens interference, multiple aperture photography; and Victoria Welling: needle felted-wool relief sculpture.

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